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Core advantages
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Technology driven
Adhering to the innovation drive, we have mastered a number of core technologies of battery management, and have developed battery management systems (BMS) that can meet the extreme and complex working conditions, and high-efficiency and high-safety
Power battery system state estimation

A battery pack characteristic expression model based on the characteristics of battery voltage, charge state, actual capacity decline, internal resistance change, temperature distribution, self-discharge rate, cycle life, etc.

Battery pack SOH, RUL estimation based on AI algorithm;

Battery pack SOC estimation based on EKF, UKF.

Platform support
  • 01
    USTCHCS verification platform
    The program code development process introduces USTCHCS testing technology to automatically detect hidden errors and potential risks in the program and ensure software reliability and stability.
  • 02
    Systematic product validation platform
    SIL/MIL/HIL program function verification platform; Hardware all-round high reliability verification platform; Intelligent production testing platform.
Lean production
  • Product Design

    Adherence to the ISO 26262 "V" model

  • Test Experiment

    Professional and autonomous experimental center

  • Precision Manufacturing

    Fully automated automotive electronics production line

  • Wire Harness Manufacturing

    Five-in-One Information System

  • PACK Manufacturing

    Highly integrated PACK production line

  • Customer Support

    Cloud-based platform data intelligence services

Full management
Let every employee become the protagonist, actively participate in management, stimulate the maximum potential, and achieve the goal of obtaining the maximum benefit with the minimum resources
Establishment of profit center
Set up one institute and six centers, seven sections, among which the business center, research institute and manufacturing center are profit centers, establishing revenue awareness and internal work order mechanism.